The Bourne Supremacy impact on action films

Who remembers their first watching of the Bourne films? I had the dumb luck to be in Omaha with my Dad on a visit to see my Uncle when Bourne Identity came out. We went to “see a movie” and then got there and somehow landed on the first film. Humorously, I remember my Uncle saying that he heard from someone that it was sort of “like a Bond movie”. We were all pleasantly surprised. Loved every minute!

From THR article, “In a movie full of trailer-friendly moments as the hero finds inventive ways to assault a baddie with a rolled-up magazine, it’s impressive the filmmakers got away with such a violent and emotionally traumatizing beat in a summer blockbuster.”

The Bourne Supremacy is non-stop and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Interesting to see the long term impact of Paul Greengrass’s work.

THR Article

Speaking of Apple...Disney announces Disney+

The most mysterious release at Apple’s March 25 event was Apple TV+. While the endless parade of celebrities was moderately interesting, the complete lack of details regarding this service was certainly NOT interesting. This is in stark contrast to Disney’s announcement this week of their $7 a month service.

I think there’s a virtual line around the world already queued up for this, me included.

9to5 Mac has a good summary.