How Donkey Kong ended up on my Atari 2600 - I had no idea!

While I can’t remember where we bought it I do vividly remember getting Donkey Kong from Coleco for my 2600. I’ve often wondered how many hours I played that console! I sometimes connect it up and it still works.

Our collective gaming history is full of little known pioneers like Kitchen, they deserve more attention. Thanks, Garry!

Such an awesome back story to the history of this cartridge, check it out from Ars.

It's one louder - iPhone 11 review

Excellent read from Jason Snell, echos some of my initial reactions.

My notes:

  • Camera is worth the upgrade, don’t forget the non-default option for “Photos capture outside the frame”

  • I’m using the 11 Pro, the matte finish is a nice touch, feels more secure in my hand, even in tougher situations with a two-year old around

  • The separation between 11 and 11 Pro is noted. However, I want the purple on the Pro. Please?

Jason does a better job than me…

Apple learned the importance of riding a bicycle

Putting aside the oddity that I’m sharing an article from Sinofsky of Microsoft fame…this is a fabulous read. By 1981 we’re now in a time where I have memories and was using technology. The more distance I get from Steve Jobs life and career the more I realize that I simply didn’t understand the genius of it all.

Watching Jobs at 26 on Nightline is mind blowing…I think I was a complete doofus at 26, thank goodness I lived through it.

Sorry for The Medium semi-wall but it is what it is. Excellent read with video clips and other content to boot.

PSA - Yelp swipes restaurant phone numbers for GrubHub-affiliated

Old news but have been meaning write on this. Good writing from the Verge, link below.

These topics are tough for the everyday user to understand or see an issue. This falls into the same thread as overall privacy on your mobile devices, what information do apps collect, and who truly owns your data.

GrubHub just makes me feel “icky” (technical term)

The Verge writeup

Disney moves to Samsung for POS?

Anyone else catch this? I’m an Annual Pass Holder at Disneyland and recently noticed that the mobile POS systems for the mobile carts like ice cream, cotton candy, etc. (not that I’ve ever purchased anything from those carts) now have a small Samsung tablet attached to them. Looks like it’s the POS card process portion.

It gained extra attention today as I stopped at every mobile cart and asked them if it was functioning, “do you take cards?” I only found one cart that successfully took cards and multiple other carts that stated it just didn’t work. One employee sited regular issues with the signal strength on them and error messages that don’t mean what the message actually says.

I took some time to try and find any public notice about the switch to Samsung online but couldn’t pin it down? Anyone else catch this? @ reply me on twitter or DM me, @prelusionescape

The Bourne Supremacy impact on action films

Who remembers their first watching of the Bourne films? I had the dumb luck to be in Omaha with my Dad on a visit to see my Uncle when Bourne Identity came out. We went to “see a movie” and then got there and somehow landed on the first film. Humorously, I remember my Uncle saying that he heard from someone that it was sort of “like a Bond movie”. We were all pleasantly surprised. Loved every minute!

From THR article, “In a movie full of trailer-friendly moments as the hero finds inventive ways to assault a baddie with a rolled-up magazine, it’s impressive the filmmakers got away with such a violent and emotionally traumatizing beat in a summer blockbuster.”

The Bourne Supremacy is non-stop and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Interesting to see the long term impact of Paul Greengrass’s work.

THR Article

Best looking iPhone design ever?

What was your favorite iPhone design? I’m still not sold on the “why” of it all but the 5S is my favorite. it’s likely part of why I’m enjoying the 2018 iPad Pro so much. The way it feels in my hand, the balance on a table, and specifically how well I typed on the iPhone 5/5S are all part of it.

The design was durable but comfortable, balanced and light, felt great in a pocket. As a current victim of big screens I think I want to go back to a smaller size and use the iPad Pro as a larger brother to fill in when a bigger screen is needed.

Over the years I had hopes that my workflow would support doing more and more on my iPhone and lose the long term need/want for an iPad. However, that just didn’t play it. Too many trade-offs to have the larger screen in your pocket. Let’s hope that Apple gets this gap and provides a smaller screen solution for people like me.

iPhone 5 (Slate Black) was the best looking iPhone ever

VisiCalc - Lessons from their rise and fall

My first experience with a computer, my literal FIRST MEMORY of using a computer was an Apple IIe and the program was VisiCalc. My Dad’s business had purchased a computer because someone on their board thought it might be a good idea but after they got it they weren’t sure what to do with it. My Dad brought it home for a time and I vividly remember using VisiCalc first and then a few others. Eleven-year-old me was blown away by pretty much anything on that machine, let alone a spreadsheet.

I had no understand of the market for these things and certainly wasn’t aware of what was happening in the industry for much of the 1980s. My next spreadsheet was Lotus, but that plays into the “rest of the story” which WSJ details quite well.

Hmmmm, I do still have my 5 1/4” disks and a working Apple IIe, maybe I should take a stroll down memory lane?!

WSJ post on VisiCalc

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Early in my childhood I became a fan of the Christian band “Petra”. I made friends from church camp and youth retreats who shared their music with me. I especially connected with the song “Computer Brains” (link below if you’re so inclined). This thought is similar to what Brian posts, follow along and be prepared for some sobering thoughts to consider.

Thoughts lead to beliefs, beliefs lead to…

Brian Roemmele’s Twitter

Petra - Computer Brains

THR - Meatballs at 40

Heaven help me, I loved this movie. I fondly remember my sister and I watching it all the time. My Dad recorded it off of a replay of it on “TBS”. If you’re an 80s kid then you know what I’m talking about. We had a tradition where we would watch Meatballs as school ended for the summer. It still makes me happy to hear the opening song, “Are you ready for the summer?”

THR does a solid job rekindling old memories but they missed my favorite line…”hey you on the water skis”.

The Hollywood Reporter

Bill Gates discusses Paul Allen

The more that time rolls on the more respect I have for Bill Gates. The work that he has done, post direct day to day involvement at Microsoft will impact the lives of billions for many years. Such grace and maturity in all that he does while still doing it all with child-like wonder and enthusiasm.

This retelling of the story of Paul Allen and their history together truly inspires and is a must read.

Bil Gates on Paul Allen

Fascinating - NeXT 1989 Catalog

A treasured gem of a catalog. By 1989 NeXT had settled on both it’s image and the powerful combination of hardware and software. Amazing to see the threads here that are still influencing Apple and it’s platforms today. The former NeXT team eventually and not initially successfully brought the successor to NeXT’s OS forward as OS X in 2001.

My favorite sections are the third party portions of the catalog.

For further reading if you’re asking yourself “who was NeXT and why should I care?”. Also, it’s prerequisite to know who Avie Tevanian is.

NeXT 1989 Catalog

Does the news reflect what we die from?

Fascinating post from Bill Gates’ Twitter. Oddly enough after a couple of decades of being on the Apple side of the Mac vs. PC war I find admiration for the Gates’ family growing and growing with each passing year. If only we had more families like theirs!

From the Our World in Data article, “The major standout here – I had to break the scale on the y-axis since it's several orders of magnitude higher than everything else – is terrorism: it is overrepresented in the news by almost a factor of 4000.” Fascinating to see these stats.

Bill Gates Twitter

Brad Voytek from UCSD shared his team’s original research

Charting Death - source writing

32 Stoic Thoughts from a 32-year old

Ryan is an influential writer and stoic. I’ve had the experience of reading several of his books. I still regret passing up the chance to meet him last September! The Stoics continue to influence my life.

Lots of great thoughts in Ryan’s article, one of my favs, “I used to not check my phone in the morning until I’d done one thing (shower, eat, whatever). Then I moved it to I don’t check my phone for the first thirty minutes after I wake up. Now I’m moving towards an hour. Mornings have dramatically improved. The days have too.”

Happy Birthday, Ryan!