The Bourne Supremacy impact on action films

Who remembers their first watching of the Bourne films? I had the dumb luck to be in Omaha with my Dad on a visit to see my Uncle when Bourne Identity came out. We went to “see a movie” and then got there and somehow landed on the first film. Humorously, I remember my Uncle saying that he heard from someone that it was sort of “like a Bond movie”. We were all pleasantly surprised. Loved every minute!

From THR article, “In a movie full of trailer-friendly moments as the hero finds inventive ways to assault a baddie with a rolled-up magazine, it’s impressive the filmmakers got away with such a violent and emotionally traumatizing beat in a summer blockbuster.”

The Bourne Supremacy is non-stop and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Interesting to see the long term impact of Paul Greengrass’s work.

THR Article