Disney moves to Samsung for POS?

Anyone else catch this? I’m an Annual Pass Holder at Disneyland and recently noticed that the mobile POS systems for the mobile carts like ice cream, cotton candy, etc. (not that I’ve ever purchased anything from those carts) now have a small Samsung tablet attached to them. Looks like it’s the POS card process portion.

It gained extra attention today as I stopped at every mobile cart and asked them if it was functioning, “do you take cards?” I only found one cart that successfully took cards and multiple other carts that stated it just didn’t work. One employee sited regular issues with the signal strength on them and error messages that don’t mean what the message actually says.

I took some time to try and find any public notice about the switch to Samsung online but couldn’t pin it down? Anyone else catch this? @ reply me on twitter or DM me, @prelusionescape