Bill Gates laments the loss of Windows Phone to Android and so do I!

Engaging the time machine back to 2006 I quickly see a very different world. I thought that Apple barely made Macs and the newer “iPods”. There’s rumors swirling that Apple is working on a phone. But why? This makes no sense to many in 2006 but those people didn’t have the vision to see what these devices would become.

Most of my pre-iPhone work life was at organizations obsessed with Blackberry, which I avoided like a common plague. Microsoft was easily gaining speed and battling back against Blackberry and Palm devices. Google bought a company that developed software called “Android”.

I had high hopes for the Windows Phone platform as a second competitor to iOS. Microsoft was doing some amazing things and the partnership with Nokia on the early hardware back in 2012 was truly magic (no sarcasm). I’m a proud Nokia Lumia 920 owner! I seldomly spend my own money to buy non-iOS hardware to test but I truly enjoyed the Lumia.

Quote from Gates, “There’s room for exactly one non-Apple operating system and what’s that worth? $400 billion that would be transferred from company G to company M.” I’d much rather M have that money (and our data) than G.

Microsoft couldn’t shake the problems with the app ecosystem and as much as they tried to throw money at app developers it was too late. Apple was dominating and Android was taking over the remainder of the world. As users we have suffered due to Microsoft’s failures in mobile, sure wish they’d give it another try!

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