Tesla - come on, Morty, make up your mind!

in the 1979 film Meatballs there’s a scene where Bill Murray’s character says “Come on, Morty, make up your mind”. That phrase immediately popped in my head as I was reading this news. As a Tesla owner I am sincerely thankful for the vehicle and it’s engineering. It’s a joy to own and drive. However, I’m also thankful that missed out on the crapshoot that’s been the last 4 months of horrific decision making.

I also remember the scene from the movie airplane where they had Johnny a weather report and ask him what he makes of it. He then rattles off a list of things such as a “broach or a hat…”. Tesla is like that right now!

Great cars and value but let’s make up our minds and stick with it!

Tesla changes

Tesla Introduces Model Y

Long awaited and finally here, Elon debuted the Model Y last night. I don't get the name, but why not (pun accidental but I’ll take it). My family and I have bought in on the electric vehicle way of life. This model fills a gap that was lacking and allows all of us to achieve “crossover’ status.

Great read from Sean at The Verge for more information and video.