Confession - I'm a new Robin fan

Confession - I’m new to this whole “Robin” thing. My first listen of Robin was some guest vocals she did with Röyksopp. Yes, I heard Röyksopp before I heard Robin. TC ( fame) first turned me on to Röyksopp 10+ years ago. Robin’s next appearance in my life was when the single for “Honey” came out. I was instantly hooked.

Sad to know I missed seeing this recent tour but at least we have the memories of awesome performances like this.

Double confession - I also dig Ellie Goulding.

Robin performance on Colbert - Consequence of Sound article

Tesla Introduces Model Y

Long awaited and finally here, Elon debuted the Model Y last night. I don't get the name, but why not (pun accidental but I’ll take it). My family and I have bought in on the electric vehicle way of life. This model fills a gap that was lacking and allows all of us to achieve “crossover’ status.

Great read from Sean at The Verge for more information and video.

Facebook's Wonderful Week of Fun - March 15

Each week when I make decisions about where to spend my time and what to post I become increasingly aware of the state of all things “facebook”. Maybe a weekly summary is good enough for now!

Here’s the highlights:

Facebook survived issues like this a decade ago when it was run by a group of fast moving people early in their career. We accepted those mistakes with an “awwww shucks” type of attitude. Those days are over. Facebook is a global technology powerhouse with the influence to change the course of human history.

Two words for you - wake up

The 5 greatest moments from Brett Favre's career with Packers

Great memories from Clutch Point.  I still miss Favre’s craziness!

My favorite memory from the article, “Just one day after losing his father, Irvin, Favre suited up for a “Monday Night Football” game against the Oakland Raiders. Irvin died of a heart attack the night before.

In an emotional game for the famed QB, Favre delivered one of the greatest performances of his career.”

My oldest son and I watched that game together with him yelling “Melissa Stark” every time she was on camera.  He had a crush.

These apps are stealing your data and it should be a crime

This is a recurring rant that those close to me are expected to endure on a regular basis. As an early social media evangelist I could not have imagined the depths to which companies like FaceBook and Google (among others) would sink.

Gruber and Rene discuss this in depth on the latest episode of The Talk Show - The Talk Show Episode 245

I joined Twitter in May 2008, early enough that I could’ve had my four character nickname as a user ID. I joined Instagram in October 2010. I’ve walked away from it all now, no FaceBook, no Twitter, and no Instagram. My belief in privacy and need to talk from a position of integrity motivated this decision.

There is no “free” product! Unless you’re a paying customer then you are the product and pay with your personal data, family details, pictures of your children, and more.

A recent post by Rene shares some common practices that simply make me cringe…

Read Rene’s article here

This one goes to 11 - None more biopic

Vivid memories of seeing Spinal Tap for the first time in the 80’s when all my musician buddies starting quoting it all the time. CoS is an excellent blog, too!

From the post, “To paraphrase the movie, “This pretentious ponderous collection of religious rock psalms is enough to prompt the question, ‘What day did the Lord create Spinal Tap, and couldn’t the rock ‘n’ roll biopic have rested on that day too?'” Amen.”

Also, I agree that Dminor is the saddest of all keys!

Consequence of Sound article on Spinal Tap

Vintage sound - a question I’ve had since the 80s

Such a great article taking me back to a question from my childhood (that’s also a great Kansas song). I remember sound systems from the late 70’s and early 80’s sounding so full and rich. It borders on waxing all nostalgic about times long ago, or does it….

This Cnet article is a great read with real word comparisons of then and now…

Imagine Dragons and the curse of Nickelback

What a burden and genuine care that Dan displays. His passion for others and transparency about his own challenges do inspire me. I’m openly a fan of Imagine Dragons and vividly remember the first time I heard “Radioactive” performed at a friend’s church in Denver followed by hearing "On Top of the World” in a movie that same day. Amazing work from a real human being.

RE: Slipknot’s Corey Taylor’s comments, still wondering why we seem so bent on dividing and using social media to divide….

Stereogum Article

Songs From the Narrow Road

Moving my site away from The Medium and over to a new host.

The Narrow Road is an important concept in my life. In between the years of 1992 and 2004 I wrote and recorded several albums full of material that I titled “Songs From the Narrow Road”. Hopeful to share with the world at some time.

I specifically chose this name for this new chapter in my life. More to come…